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Return by end of 2020

  • LondiniumFX’s trading account would have increased to $65,342 if we had invested $10,000 in 2014 for a return of 553%.

  • $10,000 in the S&P 500 index total return index would have yielded $23,404 by the end of 2020 or 134%.

  • 71.4% of LondiniumFX’s years have been profitable vs. 85% in the S&P 500 total return index.

  • The risk is much higher in the LondiniumFX strategy, hence we have higher returns.

*Risk-disclaimer: past performance is not an indicator of future returns. is not authorized to provide any recommendation for trading. We only share market commentary and how we trade our own account, so you can learn how we use it.

Alejandro Zambrano has featured in

Who is Alejandro Zambrano?

  • Started trading with a €2000 trading account in 2006.

  • Joined FXCM UK in 2009 and later became the head of the research desk.

  • Hosted the “Bulls vs. Bears” webinar at

  • Founded LondiniumFX in 2016 and started to share his insights.

  • Former Chief Market Strategist at FCA regulated Amana Capital

Image of Alejandro Zambrano

Alex Zambrano, the creator of LondiniumFX.

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