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  • Every trading day you will gain access to our premium video covering between 12 to 20 markets.

  • You will also receive access to the charts from the morning videos.

  • The difference between the free webinars and the premium content is that we cover many more markets, and we also share trade ideas from two additional trade systems: our swing-trading system and breakout trade system.

  • Finally, as we are broker indepent, we are allowed to share more about our own trading, and how we think trades will be managing their trades and risk.

  • Join us and be prepared for big moves in FX, indices, and commodities markets, and respond quickly to essential price changes.

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How does it work?

  • Monday to Friday, Alejandro updates his charts and shares them with LondiniumFX’s members.

  • A notification is sent via a private WhatsApp channel, so you know when to visit the site.

  • Alejandro also updates the members via a daily videos shared early in the London morning covering all short-term charts and the most crucial swing and breakout charts.

  • We also share our daily market update video via WhatsApp, so you will save time and learn about the markets faster.

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Chartbooks included in your membership

Three different strategies are updated daily to maximize the current volatility state, and trend strength of the markets. Learn more about them below.

1. Bulls vs. Bears Strategy: Short-term trading setups covering all major markets

This chartbook includes short-term trade setups for all major Forex pairs, indices, and commodities. The outlook is one to two days and uses the same strategy that Alejandro Zambrano has been using for ten years in his daily webinars, first with FXCM and DailyFX in 2009, and in 2019 with ATFX and InvestingCube.com.

All ideas are updated Monday to Friday and try to capture the short-term trends in global markets using the four-hour chart. Ideas are presented with stop, entry, and take profit levels and are constructed to offer 1 to 2 times rewards vs. the risk.

List of markets covered: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, Crude oil, DAX 30, S&P 500, Dow Jones, Nasdaq 100, Russell 2000, and gold prices.

Gain access from £49 a month.

eurusd chart

2. Swing-trade ideas for traders with a contrarian bias.

This chartbook showcases the best swing trade ideas of the week. The markets covered are Forex, indices, and commodities, and the forecast period is one to three weeks depending on how fast the market moves. The strategy is predominantly based on long-term trends and identifying the optimal times to enter the markets. These setups offer an excellent risk-reward ratio, but they are less frequent than the short-term trade ideas and take a longer time to mature. However, they offer benefits, first, they require less screen time, second, they tend to work on choppy markets when the short-term strategy is underperforming, and also when there is a lack of breakout ideas. The chart example attached shows a best-case scenario when the price moved up sharply from the buy area to reach its target within days. This method also performed very well in 2019 in the EURUSD pairs, when most investors and traders struggled to figure out what laid ahead.

Gain access from £49 a month.

3. Breakout trade ideas for traders that like explosive moves

This section is updated at least once a week, and the number of charts depends on how many opportunities are available. These setups look for explosive moves with a trading horizon of a few days to weeks. This strategy works well when markets are trending, and tries to enter in markets about to make an outsized move. In the attached chart you can see a classic acending triangle breakout in the Nasdaq 100 index.

Gain access from £49 a month.

Gain Access From £49 a Month

Gain access to all three chartbooks: (1) Short-term strategy ideas, (2) Swing trade ideas, and (3) Breakout strategy ideas for £49 per month. We don’t offer demos but provide a tour of our services. Contact us today to arrange a call.

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Profitable trading!

“Alex has a large experience with markets. It’s amazing to see is explanations of how price reacts in a certain way. His presentation skills will not get you bored, by the contrary. He has a clear and understandable financial language.
Off course you will not profit on every trade, but his market evaluation and risk management will put you on the green side.
It seems an expensive service but you will see that his advices worth the Money.”

Joaquim Silva, January 3, 2019

Good advice presented in a friendly way

I’ve been following Alejandro for years now.
The key message is that I’ve stopped loosing money.
Every morning he provides an update on the markets with the comments and explanation on how and why markets move a certain way. He’s not always right but most of the times he is.
I’ve learnt a lot from him and looking forward to make more money following his advice.

Lukasz, January 7, 2019

A Great Service

Alex is knowledgeable and hard-working and explains why things are happening in the markets which is why I eventually subscribed after following him on Youtube for a while. It was a great decision. His price action and presentation skills are top notch too, but it’s the insight that I appreciate.

That and making money from copying his trades, obviously!

Scott, January 3, 2019

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