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The results below show the trading returns on Alex Zambrano’s real money trading portfolio. He splits his trading capital across an FX/CFD and cryptocurrency exchange account*. He will usually risk 1.5% of his portfolio per trade. The chart below was updated on July 11, 2022. Contact us for the latest figures.

It is time to give back

The reality of trading is that most people lose money. Even with the crypto-bull-markets of 2017 and 2020/21, very few people made good money and were able to walk away with the profits. Most gave it all back.

Without a time tested and systematic trading system that tells you when to enter and exit the markets, and how much to risk per trade, you will not make it in trading.

It took the founder of LondiniumFX, Alex Zambrano, eight years to find his winning formula. His most recent trading results are attached and are the results of his experience trading major booms and busts in major asset classes since 2006. More market turmoil and geopolitical tensions are probably ahead of us, which allows the LondiniumFX trading strategy to thrive.

As a member of LondiniumFX, Alex will teach you how he trades with daily educational videos and real-time updates on his trading activities. The latter is a crucial and often overlooked element. It will show you how Alex implements his timeless trading strategy by putting his money where his mouth is. Try us today.

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Who is Alejandro Zambrano?

  • Started trading with a €2000 trading account in 2006.

  • Joined FXCM UK in 2009 and later became the head of the research desk.

  • Hosted the “Bulls vs. Bears” webinar at

  • Founded LondiniumFX in 2016 and started to share his insights.

  • Former Chief Market Strategist at FCA regulated Amana Capital

Image of Alejandro Zambrano

Alex Zambrano, the creator of LondiniumFX.

Do you have any questions? Call +44 7934 727 688 or send us a WhatsApp message.

*Risk-disclaimer: past performance is not an indicator of future returns. or Alejandro Zambrano is not authorized to provide trading recommendations. We only share our market view and how we trade the financial markets with our real account.