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LondiniumFX helps ordinary investors maximize their returns through high-quality financial market analysis, research, and education. Through daily market updates and research videos, founder Alejandro Zambrano educates LondiniumFX members on the trends, rationales, and strategies that drive investments.

Mr. Zambrano combines extensive professional experience and a common-sense attitude to offer LondiniumFX members a strategy that focuses on making fewer, smarter trades and building members’ understanding of the markets and the rationale behind investing.

Before founding LondiniumFX, Mr. Zambrano was Head Analyst at FXCM’s London desk, producing daily Forex, commodity market and equity indices outlooks. He developed a premium educational program for FXCM’s clients. Hundreds of people attended his courses and more than a million pounds have been generated in deposits. Mr. Zambrano also provided personalized analysis and education to some of the London’s desk’s most valued clients.

Mr. Zambrano is a sought after speaker who is frequently quoted in the media. His webinars on DailyFX.com attracted hundreds of attendees each day, and he has hosted seminars in London attended by up to 500 people. He was featured in the “Traders Expo London” and the “City A.M. Active Trader” conference.

At LondiniumFX, Mr. Zambrano uses his invaluable experience to research the financial markets and develop quantitative models aimed at predicting the outcome of macro variables and financial markets. He also liaises with external partners and experts to ensure the most up to date development of trading models and systems are used to trade financial markets, such as the DAX 30, OMX 30 and S&P 500.

Prior to joining FXCM, Mr. Zambrano worked for the FX and Fixed Income desk at Swedbank, Sweden’s biggest retail bank. Mr. Zambrano holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business and Economics and a Masters Economics Degree.

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