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Learn how to trade Forex and shorten the time it takes you to become a Forex trader by leveraging our ten years of real market trading experience and financial market research.

At LondiniumFX, we offer you three courses, from technical analysis and trend following, to the more challenging macroeconomic analysis and scalping. The Forex trading courses provide you with actionable trading strategies and they are based on our studies of market behaviour and the success of legendary traders.

We suggest undertaking the Technical Analysis Masterclass and Macroeconomic Masterclass for a great and broad understanding of market behaviour, while the Scalping course is primarily for traders that are actively looking for scalping and short-term trading strategies!

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Alejandro Zambrano, Chief Market Strategist

1) Technical Analysis Masterclass

Join this course to immerse yourself in Forex trading using Technical analysis.


We start out with basic chart types, showing you what a trend is and how a trend following trader has been profitable since the 1970s. We then teach you how to trade a trend with complete entry and exit signals. The best part of this course is our rather unique and unorthodox way to maximise trends. To our knowledge, we are the only coaching company teaching this technique.

The course spans over 15 different video modules and lasts four hours and 30 minutes. Buy it now for only £299.

Course Outline (videos):

  1. Introduction (09:17)

  2. What are the different analysis types? Moreover, what are their pros/cons? (36:10)

  3. Technical analysis: which are the important chart types and time-frames? (20:52)

  4. Why trend trading? (09:02)

  5. How do you properly identify a trend? (28:17)

  6. When do we buy or sell in a trend? (20:17)

  7. How do we derive profit targets using the Risk/reward ratio? (04:23)

  8. How do we leverage the Pivot Point indicator? (09:35)

  9. How to use supply and demand levels when deriving profit targets? (06:05)

  10. Summary: trading an emerging trend (09:36)

  11. How to validate trends using market-positioning indicators? (18:44)

  12. Tactics employed to minimise false breakouts (12:48)

  13. When to buy or sell in an ongoing trend? (39:18)

  14. How to maximise a trend? (19:27)

  15. Our money management tactics (30:56)

Get your pass to the Technical Analysis Masterclass for only £299.

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2) Scalping Masterclass

In this course, we break down a complete scalping strategy that plays with the opening ranges of the European trading session and the price momentum that develops around this time.

A typical scalp is for 35 pips and the trading session ends around 13:30 GMT.

In the first video, we introduce you to the strategy with various examples and data supporting the strategy. You will also have access to a recording of a previous live trading event for you to see how it works in a real trading environment. Our module on Money Management is also included, free of charge.

The course spans over three different video modules and lasts 2 hours and 17 minutes. But it now!

Course Outline (videos):

  1. Learn the LondiniumFX Scalping strategy (32:48)

  2. Live trading session: profiting on the ECB volatility, Dec. 8, 2016 (01:14:37)

  3. Money management: how much do we risk per trade? (30:56)

Learn how to scalp the Forex markets today for only £299.

3) Forex Macroeconomics Masterclass

Macroeconomics is, in general, a very broad and theoretical subject, making it hard for most people to apply it to their Forex trading. We think this places the average trader at a great disadvantage, as most banks, hedge funds, and central banks use macroeconomics to trade Forex. In order to remedy this we offer you our Forex Macroeconomics Masterclass.

The course takes elements from our own experience completing a Bachelors and Master Degree in Economics. It is also based on our ten years of trading the markets and reading an untold amount of research reports from the brightest minds in the world of investment banking.

This course will break down the very basics of fundamental analysis before we take it up a few notches, showing you a systematic way of trading forex with macroeconomics.

The course spans over 11 different video modules and lasts for four hours and 50 minutes. We have also added several detailed reports to further expand your knowledge and development. Buy it now for only £299.

Course Outline (videos):

  1. What are swap rates? (26:32)

  2. How do we measure inflation and why it matters for trading? (35:51)

  3. What is the unemployment? In addition, how can we use it to trade? (18:56)

  4. What is the NAIRU? Moreover, why are central banks using it? (35:51)

  5. What is the GDP and how the business cycle affects central banks (29:00)

  6. How to trade with macroeconomics in a systematic way (01:04:05)

  7. How does a recession affect our strategy? (06:54)

  8. Quantitative easing and currency trading (13:52)

  9. Fiscal stimulus effects on currencies (21:18)

  10. Key economic indicators to watch when trading Forex (28:08)

  11. Doves vs. Hawks, why it matters (11:53)

Get your pass to the Forex Macroeconomics Masterclass for only £299.

Presenter: Alejandro Zambrano

Alejandro Zambrano, Chief Markets Strategist at LondiniumFX, will be your host and lecturer. He is uniquely qualified, as he has spent the last 10 years trading the markets. For six out of these ten years, the broker FXCM employed him to research and analyse Forex markets. He holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Economics and has completed modules including Advanced Macroeconomic theories, Statistics, and Econometrics.

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