Tip TV: December 4: Plenty reason to be bullish

by Alejandro Zambrano

Posted on January 04, 2017 at 14:41 PM

EUR/USD - Don’t try to catch the falling knife

AUD/USD - Quants suggests it is oversold

FX Trend: US Dollar is a freight train

USD/CAD - Bullish above December lows

EUR/JPY - Wait and watch game for bears

Gold - Trade the 4-hour chart

S&P 500 - Plenty reason to be bullish

WTI Oil - A rise to near $60 levels likely

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Alejandro Zambrano

Alejandro Zambrano combines extensive professional experience and a common-sense attitude to offer LondiniumFX members a strategy that focuses on making fewer, smarter trades and building members’ understanding of the markets and the rationale behind investing. He is also the Global Chief Market Analyst with InvestingCube.com and ATFX UK. Before founding LondiniumFX in 2016, Mr. Zambrano was Head Analyst at FXCM’s London desk.