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Join Alejandro Zambrano, Monday through Friday, at 7 AM London time to find out what he is trading, and as he provides his technical and macroeconomic outlook for all the major Forex pairs, stock market indices, and commodities.

In the morning webinar and afternoon update video, we analyze the markets for you and share the price levels where we predict traders will be entering the markets, place their stop-loss orders and book profits.

Also, in these webinars, our Chief Market Strategist, Alejandro Zambrano, shares what he is trading, and your membership also includes access to our exclusive WhatsApp channel for timely updates.

With your £99 membership you will have access to:

  • Exclusive morning webinars

  • An afternoon market update video

  • Alejandro’s own trading

  • Access to your exclusive WhatsApp channel

  • The charts from the webinars with indicative entry, stop loss and profit target levels.

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Spencer, July 2017, UK

The morning webinars are excellent and a core part of my trading day. Not only does Alex talk through the key markets in a very knowledgeable way whilst allowing you to ask questions, he also goes into the economics and geopolitical reasons for why the price may move. I learn something new every day, and I continue to feel more confident in my trading. Great work, thanks a lot.

Learn to trade by watching Alejandro Zambrano trading his own account

Percentage Return

The figures below show the time-weighted percentage return on Alejandro Zambrano’s personal trading account, and are the result of selected trade ideas by LondiniumFX.


Return 2014


Return 2015


Return 2016


Return 2017


Return 2018


Return Since Start

Risk Disclosure: Past performance is not an indicator of future performance, and does not suggest that you will experience the same results. Financial market trading losses may exceed deposits. The strong 2017 return is due to the introduction of digital currencies trading. Please read our complete risk disclaimer.

My Trading Process

Premium members will learn two different trading systems: my short-term system that provides a 24 to 36-hour view to most major markets, and my long-term system which holds positions for a few days up to a few weeks. However, when trading my own funds, I primarily use the long-term system, and it is these trades I share via WhatsApp.

Over the years I have seen that most financial instruments offer one or two great trading opportunities per year, and it is these great opportunities I try to trade. The setups are primarily breakouts on the daily or weekly charts, and I don’t limit myself to Forex, I also trade stock market indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies, as there are many periods where specific asset classes are trading sideways.

In the 12-months preceding November 30, 2018,

  • I had on average traded 3.38 times a week for a total of 176 trades. However, some weeks I did not trade a single time, rather I managed my open positions.

  • My average profit was 4.38% while my average loss was 1.36%, this equates to an average profit over loss of 3.22.

  • My long-term system was right 39% of the time and wrong 61% of the time, but as my average profit was much larger than my average loss, the system was profitable.

  • I tend to hold positions for a few days up to a few weeks.

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Trading Results 2018

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